Augustus Ranch Meat Company

Tri Tip & Picanha Pack


These economical, outstanding beef roasts have really great flavor, incredible tasting fat, and can be smoked/grilled/roasted to perfection (recommend medium rare). The tri tip comes off the back leg and is sometimes referred to as bottom sirloin. The picanha (as it is referred to in Brazil), also known as top sirloin cap or coulotte, rests above the top sirloin and boasts an incredible thick fat cap which slowly melts into the meat while being cooked. These roasts need to be given a proper rest after cooking (at least 10-15 minutes), then sliced against the grain for the most tender results. Some folks prefer to slice these roasts into individual steaks. This pack includes: 

  • 2 packs Beef tri tip roast - around 1.75 - 2 lb avg pack
  • 2 packs Picanha roast - around 2.5 - 3+ lb avg pack
  • 4 packs Ground beef, 80/20 - 1 lb packs