Augustus Ranch Meat Company

Beef & Pork Barbecue Bundle


Ribs, burgers, and pork belly burnt ends is what we recommend with this mixed beef and pork barbecue bundle! Beef plate ribs require about the same amount of cooking time as a brisket, while pork spare ribs need about half that cooking time until fork tender. Pork belly is great roasted slow and low, finishing skin side down over hot coals to get that crispy crunchy cracklin' skin! Cube and toss in barbecue sauce, served as pork belly burnt ends. And have you ever had a burger that was a combination of pork and beef? It's perhaps one of the best things you could ever put in your mouth. That's just one way of treating this juicy bundle. 

Beef & Pork Barbecue Bundle (roughly 21 pounds total):

  • 2 packs Beef plate ribs - around 4.5 to 5 lb per pack
  • 4 packs Pork spare ribs - around 1.5 to 1.75 lb per pack
    • Note: spare ribs are cut in half, two pieces per pack
  • 1 pack Pork belly - around 1.5 lb per pack
  • 2 packs Ground pork - 1 lb packs
  • 2 packs Ground beef - 1 lb packs